"Zero Defect Zero Effect"

The ZED Certification has been structured to offer graded benchmark levels of an organisation's performance through a set of standard enabler and outcome parameters focusing on quality and environmental performances. It aims to rate and handhold all MSMEs to deliver top-quality products using clean technology.

The aim is to help MSMEs evolve and grow to move up the value chain and produce quality products. The ZED Certification will emphasise delivery of high quality products with zero defects.

Clean energy will be a very important aspect of the model. Enterprises will be encouraged and hand-held to adopt clean technology into their processes to attain a sustainable growth trajectory.

There will be sector-specific assessment parameters for each industry such as food processing, textiles, leather, auto parts, etc.


  • To enable the advancement of Indian industry to a position of eminence in the global marketplace and leverage India’s emergence as the world’s supplier through the ‘Made in India’ mark.

    • Credible recognition of the industry for international customers seeking investment in India
    • Streamlined operations and lower costs
    • Superior quality, reduced rejection and higher revenues
    • Increased environmental & social benefits
    • Additional employment generation
    • Other benefits as announced by the Government from time to time.
The Model shall be applicable for all sectors of manufacturing and services industries.
  • It will focus on MSMEs and small businesses.
  • It will address the quality and ecological needs of domestic and overseas customers, society, employees, partners, regulators, and investors.
There are 50 parameters on which the MSMEs will be assessed and rated.
  • MSMEs may seek ZED rating on more than 30 parameters as per the processes and systems available at the MSME.
  • Each parameter has 5 levels.
  • The Rating is based on a weighted average level.
  • The company is encouraged, handheld and trained to achieve a higher level for each parameter and thus elevate itself in the maturity model.
An organization applying to be evaluated using the ZED Maturity Model must demonstrate the following aspects. These aspects are only indicators and shall not be used for the assessment/rating of organizations. Manufacturing capabilities Design capabilities Quality/Environment/Safety Assurance Systems People development and engagement systems Standardization & Measurement systems for Quality and Environment Learning and Improvement systems Legal compliances (Hygiene factor)

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