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Halal is a word meaning ‘lawful’ or ‘permitted’. The opposite of Halal is Haram (not permitted), which means unlawful or prohibited. Halal and Haram are the universal terms that apply to all facets of life. We will use the terms only in relation of food products, Cosmetics, Personal care products, Food ingredients and food contact materials.

Atlantic Management Consultant India, as a Halal Consultant has the responsibility towards the Ummah and the citizens of India. It is the responsibility to identify the critical products which does not suit the Islamic faith, or the one which does not suit the human health.

Hundreds of products are still on the retail store shelves which are in doubtful stage. A product which has a green dot over it and signifies that it from vegetarian source, may not be permitted (Halal). We have taken this opportunity and the responsibility to identify these products or brands, inform the manufacturers of these products about the criticality as to how these products are damaging the faith of millions of Muslims, and trust of citizens, who believe that the product is safe for human health and is not damaging their faith.

BENEFIT OF halal englishhalal arabic

  • Oppurtunities to tap a global Halal food market of about 2 Billion people (Middle East, Asia Pacific, EU, USA, Central Asia).
  • Enhance marketability of products in Muslim countries/markets.
  • Improve the food preparation hygienic system.

Industry to get HALAL Certification

  •  Animals; fish; egg production; milk production; beekeeping; fishing; hunting; trapping
  •  Fruits; vegetables; cereals; spices; horticultural products
  •  Slaughtering meat, poultry, eggs, dairy and fish products
  •  Fresh fruits and fresh juices; preserved fruits; fresh vegetables; preserved vegetables
  •  Canned products; biscuits; snacks; oil; drinking water; beverages; pasta; flour; sugar; salt
  •  Animal feed; fish feed
  •  Hotels; restaurants, retail outlets; shops; wholesalers
  •  Water supply; cleaning; sewage; waste disposal;
  •  Development of product, process and equipment; veterinary services
  •  Transport and storage
  •  Process equipment; vending machines
  •  Additives; dietary supplements; cleaning agents;
  •  Processing aids, bio cultures and microorganisms
  •  Packaging material
  •  Cosmetics, textile, leather products etc.
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