Protect Forests For Future Generations

The Forest Stewardship Council sets standards for responsible forest management.

A voluntary program, FSC uses the power of the marketplace to protect forests for future generations.


The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) are both international organisations’ that support sustainable forestry practices through the use of certification systems.

Put simply, a chain of custody system allows certified materials to be tracked from forest to consumer. FSC® and PEFC Chain of Custody certification verifies that certified products have been sourced from well-managed forests that adopt sustainable forestry practices.

As the adverse social and environmental effects of unmanaged and illegal logging have been publicised, demand for chain of custody certified products has grown significantly.

In order for the products to remain traceable through the supply chain, a key element to chain of custody systems within a business is to retain all records associated with the purchase and sale of FSC® and PEFC certified products.

We have never failed to help a business achieve first-time Chain of Custody certification.

Our flexible approach will enable you to select dates and times for our visits that will best fit in with your business operations. As the FSC® and PEFC standards do not fully document all requirements for certification, you will need a competent person who understands how to fit the standard to a specific business. Atlantic Management have successfully implemented the standards into businesses in a variety of industries. We support you throughout the entire process and will prepare all the necessary documentation. Importantly, the system we implement does not need to be complex.  We also make sure you are in a position to operate the system independently once certification has been achieved.

Atlantic Management can help you achieve chain of custody certification over just a few short, well-planned visits to your site.

Outlined below are the four key stages of FSC® / PEFC Chain of Custody implementation:
Stage 1 – Initial Meeting
Our Chain of Custody Specialist will initially visit your site to undertake a GAP analysis and to get an understanding for how the standard will fit into your business. We will confirm the scope of your intended certification as it may not be necessary for all products and services to be included. During this meeting an implementation schedule will also be determined.
Stage 2 – Understanding your business and applying the standard
Over a few short visits we will ensure the system is implemented, using terminology understood within the company. Dummy jobs will be run through the system to test its effectiveness. Working remotely, we will fully prepare your written manual based on our understanding of how the business operates. We will then present it to a member of senior management to ensure it reflects the business.
Stage 3 – Staff Training
A requirement of the standard is for all staff to be competent in their area of responsibility. We will train all the relevant staff and provide the documentary evidence required.
Stage 4 – Certification Audit
During the above stages we will ensure you are well prepared for your certification audit. We currently have a 100% success rate in achieving first-time certification.
The main reason a business decides to become FSC® or PEFC certified is so that they can meet the requirements of a specific client, project or tender.
Certification can therefore result in business expansion, access to markets and increased economic gain for a business. As industries associated with the use of wood-based products have been increasingly subject to public attention from an environmental perspective, FSC® or PEFC certification can also benefit a business in the following ways.
  1. Certification demonstrates to all stakeholders of a business that your products are of a nationally agreed, verifiable social and environmental standard.
  2. Only certified organisations can use the FSC® / PEFC trademark logos on their products. These logos demonstrate that the products are produced responsibly from well-managed, sustainable sources.
  3. Certified businesses can be viewed on the FSC® / PEFC database
  4. Reassurance that your business operations are not contributing towards the adverse, well publicised, effects of illegal logging.

Paper Mill

Paper Mills had gained FSC® Chain of Custody certification with Atlantic Management in Sep. 2015. they provides paper Manufacturing Facility for Printing and Kraft paper and came under pressure from a major client to become FSC® certified, or else lose their contract. It took just 5, half-day visits from Atlantic Management Chain of Custody Specialist to ensure they were compliant with the standard.


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